This is where the magic happens.

DSCF1658 DSCF0733100_2198IMG_2329

I can not speak on behalf of my family, but I can say what Du Bois Farm is to me.
It is a home, a safe harbor and a place be at peace with the world, perhaps because it does not feel like a part of the world. But rather some sort of heaven between the skies and the dark soil of the world. It is where I get new ideas, where new dreams form. A place to laugh and spend our days on the front porch of the farm house with good food, family and friends. To work in the ground, make my hands dirty in the mud. Picking fresh fruits from our orchards and helping my dad in the vegetable garden. To spend my days creating in the kitchen. To stroll between the beds of flowers, grown from my mothers green fingers. To spend a Saturday lying in the long green grass in “My Meadow”, simply staring up and watching the clouds go by with the time. To hear the wind as it rustles through the tree tops of the forest. I yearn for more, to grow, here with everything I love. With everything I hold dear. I want to ride into a new sunrise on the back of my horse, my dog following close behind. I want to add to this life of mine, new friends, new loves, more passions, new ways to grow and to expand my mind. I want to feel more, to be more. To be better than I am today, and I want to do it here.
From my own home, from my kitchen, from among the people that I so adore.


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