My name is Nina, I am the author of this blog, and the youngest member of the Buys family. I have two older brothers: Stef and Ruan, our parents are Steve and Karien. And together the five of us, we rule our “Neverland”.

With this blog I would like to share some part of our life(my family, the farm and some of my personal thoughts and opinions).

Almost twelve years ago we bought this wonderful piece of land in Western cape, Southern Africa: we named it Du Bois, its French; meaning from the forest.

We have build that which we have, both our lives and the farm, from nearly nothing. We began with only a hundred year old, two bedroom little cob house (painted a bright pink), a big old fig tree, even older than the house itself, we believe that the roots of the tree is actually set in the very walls of the house, a mountain full of fynbos and a tiny patch of poplar trees (our forest).

The house is not pink any more, and has almost been doubled in size, we have planted quite a few more fig trees, some are even from stems of the original fig tree.

We are working very hard to create a self-sufficient home farm and sharing some of the joy and peace that we have found here with others; in the form of food, guest houses and flowers. Food for the heart, body and soul. A food farm.

Over the past twelve years we have expanded and grown quite a bit, from here we would like to share the rest of our journey!


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