An Imperfect Beginning

20150908_072219So after last night, with me staring at this blank page for what seems to be hours, trying to write the perfect beginner post for this blog. Frankly, it seems I’ve been staring at this blank page for over two weeks. Trying to pin point the exact right words, something that could sum up exactly what our farm and our family is. Always ending up either scrapping and erasing everything.

I ended up going to bed feeling grumpy and like I was a failure, a writer unable to write? But so this morning on my run up the mountain(or rather on my way down the mountain), I saw this little yellow flower. It must have been fate, or something like that at least, because I never take my phone with me when I go out to the mountain, After what happened to my last phone.

Whenever I take a photograph I always end up thinking about it for way too long, finding every possible part of life that could somehow be relevant to whatever the picture is. Its probably why I don’t like taking pictures, and also why my Instagram account is so empty.

So this morning(or a little while ago) in my creative/coffee time I wrote up a little poem. It might not be very good, or very long, but I figured that all tiny thoughts must matter. So here it is:

There are yellow suns

along the rocks.

On the grey roads of time.

There are yellow suns

along the path

Tiny and eternal,

eternal as they’re memory.

They don’t burn,

or blacken my skin

nor do they light the world but for the part that is my heart.

There are yellow suns

with soft leafy petals,

and sweet flowery scents.

These yellow suns,

they carry the smiles of the world.


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